Sunday, February 19, 2012

Family Day Traditions

According to Wikipedia, Family Day is celebrated in some provinces of Canada one of them being Ontario. This day is a statutory holiday taking place on each third Monday in February.

Did you know that Family day is not recognized as a federal holiday therefore federal employees in all provinces are required to work? Feels good to be an entrepreneur doesn’t it?

Ever since the inception of this day in Ontario in 2007, and officially celebrated on February 18 of 2008, it created a total of 9 public holidays per year n Ontario.

What’s there to do on this day?

Since it is a day in celebration of families, many people plan to do family friendly activities on this day particularly going to museums, art galleries, outdoor skating, watching movies, board games and arts andcrafts with the kids. There are many other activities in which Ontarian families, Torontonian families in this case, take part on this day and one of the famous one will be paying a visit to family members who we do not get to see often. Some people are not so blessed to having family close by to visit but that does not mean that friends cannot be considered family on this day. Also, just because we plan activities on a budget it does not mean that we cannot have a fun and engaging day.

Entrepreneurial Moms of Toronto Family
We cannot stress it enough on how happy and fortunate we feel to have such wonderful members for whom we consider as family. We are looking forward to seeing each and every one of you every second Tuesday of each month where we all get an opportunity to engage, empower and network. We would like to leave you with some ideas on what we, Entrepreneurial Moms of Toronto leaders do on this day:

In my family, during this weekend, we make finger food sometimes from scratch such as personal pizzas. We use individual slices of bread, add some tomato paste and cheese on top and, if we choose to, we can add on our own favorite ingredients and while they bake in the oven we set up a picnic scenario on the living room floor.  After we eat and clean up we are making some hot chocolate and popcorn while we get ready to watch a family movie. My kids love this idea as it is fun and they are engaged in the planning, setting up, cleaning up and picking their favorite flick. It never fails. We use this idea even when we have something planned for outdoor during the weekends but the weather does not permit us to follow through.

Although there is not much planned this year, my 7 years old is looking forward to a game of Monopoly followed by a family movie. Personally I am happy we are all going to be together in a day off.

My family spends a lot of time together in general therefore this family day is not going to be anything special, we are going out for sushi as a family.

We hope your family day is fun and engaging. Please let us know in the comments bellow your Family day tradition. #EntMomsTo

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